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Colored Films is an independent production company with many aspirations that are quickly becoming a reality. Founded in September 2008 in Los Angeles by two sisters and best friends, Greta & Vilma Zenelaj, who share a strong passion for GOD, life, storytelling, and creative arts. The sisters envisioned writing screenplays and making memorable films that captivate the viewer’s imagination.

The idea of naming our company, Colored Films, came from the diversity of film genres and how each color, metaphorically represents a certain tone in a movie. Diversity is what makes our world beautiful and special. At Colored Films, we offer high-quality, professional and emotionally charged films that surpass any production limitations. If there is a will, there is always a way. Ambitions and challenges can be an artist’s best friends.

Thank you for your continued support and stay unique.

Greta & Vilma


To produce memorable positive films & shows that encourage viewers to see life’s opportunities and God’s goodness.


Create life stories into films that will inspire generations to come.

“I alone cannot change the world, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.” Mother Teresa Quote


Greta Zenelaj

Named after the famed Greta Garbo, Greta’s interest in the arts began at an early age, performing in festivals and theatrical productions in her home town Shkoder, Albania. When she was only eight years old, Greta won her first prize for a regional competition and always aspired to become a working actress. Her dream came true after she moved to Los Angeles and pursued acting to the fullest. At Colored Films, Greta co-writes, produces, and stars in several films and projects. Her future is bright and she’s expanding her slate in TV shows as well.

Vilma Zenelaj award_winning director__founder of Colored Films llc
Vilma Zenelaj

Vilma was born in Tirana, Albania, and was raised in the artful historical city of Shkodra. Creative writing became second nature for her. By the age of thirteen, she had written numerous poems and short stories. Vilma moved to Los Angeles with her sister Greta and decided to pursue a career in the creative arts. Upon trying several hats in the industry, she realized that behind the scenes is where she’s most comfortable and where she belongs. Storytelling into a film is now her newfound passion.

Media & Press

LA Times

Ten-day shoots with only a handful of crew meant everybody had to wear different hats. CLICK PICTURE FOR FULL ARTICLE.


TVSH interviews the producers on the set of Eagle (Shqipe) in Shkoder, Albania. CLICK PICTURE FOR VIDEO.

Voice of America

Voice of America interviews Vilma and Greta for the Albanian audience. CLICK PICTURE FOR VIDEO.